The Royal Canadian Air Force Journal №3 2015

The Royal Canadian Air Force Journal

Год / месяц: 2015/9
Номер: vol 4 no 3
Страниц: 134
Язык: English
Формат: PDF 5 MB

The Royal Canadian Air Force Journal - Журнал ВВС Канады.

In this Issue:

Editor in Chief’s Message
Colonel Kelvin Truss
Thoughts on Professionalism
Brigadier-General Christopher Coates, OMM, MSM, CD
Reflections and Questions on Ethics
Major-General Marc Terreau, CMM, CD (Retired)
Air Power's Contribution to Coercion
Lieutenant-Colonel Brian L. Murray, CD
Exposing the True Cost of Distance Education (and what should be done)
Major Bernie Thorne, CD, MSc
The Positive Psychological Effect of Air Power
Dr. Richard Goette
The Role of the Chief Warrant Officer within Operational Art
Chief Warrant Officer Kevin West
Airmindedness - An Essential Element of Air Power
Brigadier-General Christopher J. Coates, OMM, MSM, CD, MSS
“Big War” Air Power for “Small War” Operations
Wing Commander David Glasson, Royal Canadian Air Force
Arctic Alternative Futures
Leutenant-Colonel Daniel Lachance, CD, BA, MDS
Air Chief Marshal Frank Miller: A Civilian and Military Leader
Raymond Stouffer
Air Power Writ Canadian
Randall Wakelam

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