Desider №95


Desider №95

Год / месяц: 2016/5
Номер: 95
Страниц: 40
Язык: English
Формат: PDF - 5 MB

Desider -  Magazine of Defence Equipment and Support (DE&S)
Журнал министерства обороны Великобритании, посвящённый вооружению, техники и службам поддержки

06 Mike Wareham, Director Submarines Acquisition, on serving on board Polaris-class submarines in the 1980s, delivering challenging programmes, and why nuclear submarines are the most complex machines made by man
08 Facelift for the future: Contracts worth £167 million awarded so RAF Marham is ready to house F-35 fighter aircraft
12 Return of the Vikings: RN’s fleet of amphibious all-terrain vehicles reach full operational capability
14 RHIBS result: First of new Pacific 24 boats comes off the production line in Portsmouth
16 Ajax update: Army’s new armoured fighting vehicle successfully completes early live firing programme in mid-Wales
18 New Director Land Equipment Robert Talbot-Rice addresses staff at Abbey Wood about his vision for the future
22 Seventh heaven: The seventh enhanced Merlin Mk3 helicopter is delivered to Yeovil
26 Defence Support Group: Desider takes a look at how DSG is functioning 12 months after Babcock took over the reins
28 Positive steps: Arrangements with the Atomic Weapon Establishment strengthened
20 DE&S drive: Are you cut out for a career as a Reservist? Three DE&S staff share their experiences
24 Progressing at the double: Just seven months on two huge warehouses being built as part of the Defence Fulfilment Centre at Donnington are taking shape
30 First person - David Penlington, project leader of the Ajax and Warrior Capability Sustainment
programmes on being a steelworker, not taking yourself too seriously and how a traumatic phone call spurs him on every day
32 Jobs - Desider’s latest recruitment pages
36 60 Second spotlight – Laura Guppy, of the DE&S Ships Acquisition team, discusses working in radio, taking a ride in television’s ‘Treasure Hunt’ helicopter and her ever so guilty viewing pleasure
37 DE&S People – DE&S Senior Fellow David Manley wins the David Goodrich Prize for his paper on the loss of HMS Sheffield during the Falklands War
39 DE&S People – Safe journey: Steve Pointon, of the DE&S Unmanned Air Systems team, is spending six weeks sailing his yacht around the UK for charity


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