Australian Army Journal №1 2014

Australian Army Journal


Год / месяц: 2014/1-6
Номер: 1
Страниц: 132
Язык: English
Формат: PDF - 4 MB

The Australian Army Journal is published by authority of the Chief of Army
The Australian Army Journal is sponsored by Head Modernisation and Strategic Planning, Australian Army Headquarters

What Did We Learn from the War in Afghanistan?Captain Gareth Rice

Only the Strong Survive — CSS in the Disaggregated BattlespaceMajor Dean Clark

Raising a Female-centric Infantry Battalion: Do We Have the Nerve?Lieutenant Colonel Luke Carroll

The Increasing Need for Cyber Forensic Awareness and Specialisation in ArmyCaptain Nathan Mark

Reinvigorating Education in the Australian ArmyBrigadier Chris Field

Journey to Peace: A True Story of Forgiveness and Reconciliation by Adam Joe LawtonReviewed by Captain Andy Brayshaw

Total Destruction of the Tamil Tigers by Paul Moorcraft, Royal Canadian Air ForceReviewed by Major Chris Buckham

No Easy Day: The Firsthand Account of the Mission that Killed Osama Bin Laden by Matt Bissonnette (alias Mark Owen)Reviewed by Lieutenant Jacob Choi

Anthropologists in the SecurityScape: Ethics, Practice and Professional Identity by Robert Albro, George E. Marcus, Laura A. McNamara and Monica Schoch-SpanaReviewed by Scott Flower

Uncommon Soldier: The Story of the Making of Today’s Diggers by Chris MastersReviewed by Iain Henry

Indian Foreign and Security Policy in South Asia: Regional Power Strategies by Sandra DestradiReviewed by Ash Khan

The Australian Army from Whitlam to Howard by John BlaxlandReviewed by Bob Lowry

Every Nation For Itself: Winners and Losers in a G-Zero World by Ian BremmerReviewed by Ben Moles

The Valley’s Edge: A Year with the Pashtuns in the Heartland of the Taliban by Daniel R. GreenReviewed by Timothy Moore

Pacific 360°: Australia’s Battle for Survival in World War II by Roland PerryReviewed by Wing Commander Mark Smith


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