Army News №250

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Год / месяц: 2018/3-4

Номер: 250

Страниц: 36

Язык: English

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Army News - Центральный печатный орган Армии Сингапура

04/17 Basic Military Training
Graduation Parade
107/17 Officer Cadet Course
Commissioning Parade
57/18 Basic Military Training (SVC)
Graduation Ceremony
34/17 Specialist Cadet Graduation Parade
Army Units Milestone Parades
Inauguration of SAFWOS Leadership School
GKS CSC Courses Opening Ceremony
Chief Transport Officer Change of Command
9 DIV/INF Sergeant Major
Change of Appointment Parade
1 AMB Challenge Shield
Singapore & Philippine Army Professional Exchange
01/17 RECON Tab Presentation
Blood Donation as a Social Responsibility

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