Army News №244

Army News

Год / месяц: 2017/3-4
Номер: 244
Страниц: 25
Язык: English
Формат: PDF 15 MB

+ Календарь СВ Сингапура на 2017 год

Army News - Центральный печатный орган Армии Сингапура .

What’s Up
Cover Story
NS 50 - From My Generation to Yours
2M visits HQ 56 SAB
Warm and Long Standing Defence Relationship
Appreciating 24/7 Vigilance
49/17 BMT (Service) Graduation
One Wolf Challenge
Are you up to the Challenge?
Operation Toy Drop
Defending Our Istana
Celebrating 50 years of National Service
The National Service Gallery
For Old Times Sake
Three Decades of Friendship
Chingay 2017
Then and Now
Exercise Thunder Warrior
Exercise Lightning Strike
A Coordinated Response
Army Museum Special Exhibition 2017
Total Defence
Commitment to Defence
28 Dedication in Training
29 Finding the Balance
30 The Singapore Self - Propelled Howitzer
(SSPH - Primus)
Health & Fitness
32 On Losing Weight
33 The Army’s Unit Fitness Equipping - Part 2
34 Book Out Makan - Maju Camp

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