Австралия Force 2020

Force 2020


The opening events of the 21st Century have prompted many of us in the Australian Defence Organisation to reflect on the challenges, opportunities and uncertainties that the future may hold, and how we will meet these as an organisation.

In a time of unprecedented change, the Australian Defence Force must be many things: combat-capable, rapidly deployable, highly adaptive, responsive to change, and thoroughly professional. It is equally important that we share a common understanding of the way in which we will meet our future challenges and what we must do today to prepare for them. In other words, we must all be striving towards the same goal.

FORCE 2020 guides our progress of our Defence force towards the future world of 2020. It is a vision that applies to everyone in Defence, and has been developed in consultation with several working groups representing a wide cross-section of our Defence Force and the wider Department. FORCE 2020 is more than just words on a page; the challenge now lies with each of us to share, own, communicate and implement our vision in everything we do.

We must strive to maintain ourselves as a formidable fighting force so that if we are called upon to act, we can do so decisively and successfully. In living up to this aim, it is important that we have a clear understanding of where our Defence Force is heading over the long-term and how we will uphold our important place in the nation well into this new century. This is my vision for the future Australian Defence Force, fully supported by the three Service chiefs and the Secretary of Defence, and I commend this publication to you.
Admiral, RAN
Chief of the Defence Force



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