Global Britain in a competitive age (2021)

Global Britain in a competitive age

The Integrated Review of Security,
Defence, Development and Foreign Policy


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Глобальная Британия в эпоху конкуренции Комплексный обзор безопасности, обороны, развития и внешней политики
Март 2021

I. Foreword from the Prime Minister 3
The Prime Minister’s vision for the UK in 2030 6
II. Overview 10
III. The national security and international environment to 2030 23
IV. Strategic Framework 33
1. Sustaining strategic advantage through science and technology 35
1.1 Growing the UK’s science and technology power 35
1.2 Responsible, democratic cyber power 40
2. Shaping the open international order of the future 44
2.1 A force for good: supporting open societies and
defending human rights 47
2.2 An open, resilient global economy 51
2.3 Extending an open international order in future frontiers 55
The UK in the world: a European country with global interests 60
The Indo-Pacific tilt: a framework 66
3. Strengthening security and defence at home and overseas 69
3.1 Countering state threats: defence, disruption and deterrence 70
The nuclear deterrent 76
3.2 Conflict and instability 79
3.3 Homeland security and transnational security challenges 80
4. Building resilience at home and overseas 87
4.1 Building the UK’s national resilience 88
4.2 Tackling climate change and biodiversity loss 89
4.3 Building health resilience 93
V. Implementing the Integrated Review 96
Annex A: Integrated Review priorities funded in Spending Review 2020 100
Annex B: Evidence and engagement 106
Annex C: Glossary 110

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