MSI Turkish Defence Review №39 2017

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MSI Turkish Defence Review

Издательство: MSI TDR 

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Год / месяц: 2017 / 5
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MSI Defense Review is a monthly publication focusing on defense and aerospace industry.

Private Sector to Complete Missing Levels of
Industry Pyramid
06 IDEF 2017
n Fikri IŞIK, Minister of National Defence:
“IDEF will create new business opportunities for our defence industry companies, and open the door to new cooperation projects at interstate level.”
n Latif Aral ALİŞ, Chairman of the Board of Directors at SSI:
“SSI will continue to be a driving force for the Turkish defence and aerospace industry in the coming period as well.”
n Dr. M. Vecdi GÖNÜL, Chairman of the Board of Directors at Türksat:
“We have many projects that overlap with the defence industry.”
n Gentex-Norbo Partnership Offers Best Protection to Best Operators and Units
n Öner TEKİN, General Manager at VESTEL Defence and AYESAŞ: “I have great ideas in store that I am certain will contribute to the development of our indigenous technologies.”
n Unidef Deepens its Weapon Integration Experience
n ANDAR Brings Motion to the Defence and Aerospace Industry
n ANOVA Showcases its Flex Chute Product Family at IDEF
n New Products by Coşkunöz Defence and Aviation
n Visual Battlefield Data by Fotoniks
n Gökser Makina Continues Operations with Emphasis on R&D Projects
n Hexagon Studio Continues to Create Innovative and Indigenous Solutions
n İŞBİR: The Industry’s Generator and Alternator Supplier
n Nunatak for Every Need under the Harshest Conditions
n ARES Shipyard Builds Special Boats for Special Forces
n TCG BAYRAKTAR (L-402) Begins Mission
n Meteksan Defence to Provide SOM-J’s Data Link
n Equipping the HÜRKUŞ with Weapons
n In April, SSM Takes Steps for Initiating Two New Projects
n Nurol Makina Strengthens Management Team with Kemal Uyar
n EJDER TOMA Remains Unrivalled in Middle East Market
n Sedef Shipyard Begins Construction of Landing Helicopter Dock ANADOLU
n Wing-Assisted Guidance Kit Enters the Inventory
n Changes of Office at TAFF
n Atatürk University Joins the SAYP
n STM Continues Indigenisation Work on Submarines
n Öner Tekin Appointed as New General Manager of Vestel Defence and AYESAŞ
Best Companies in Industry Receive Awards at
SASAD General Assembly

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