Defence Technology for German Land Forces 2018

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Название: Defence Technology for German Land Forces 2018
Год / месяц: 2018/6


Страниц: 122
Формат: True PDF
Размер: 7 mb
Язык: English

Content includes:

  • Stable Security in Europe Requires Capable German Land Forces
  • Army 4.0
  • German Land Forces – Collective National and Alliance Defence and  International Crisis Management
  • Airmobile Forces of the Army
  • Future Challenges for the Bundeswehr Medical Service in International Crisis Management and in National/Collective Defence
  • The Logistics System of the Bundeswehr in the Capability Profile of the Future
  • Land Combat System Support at NATO Support and Procurement Agency (NSPA)
  • Equipment Planning in the German Army – Situation and Outlook
  • Selected Equipment Projects of the Bundeswehr Joint Medical Service in Light of the Current Adaptation of the Capability Profile
  • Protected Command and Utility Vehicles – Current Status and Further Procurement Activities
  • Vehicle Light Protection Kit
  • Short and Very Short Range Air Defence: A Long-term Air Force Analysis
  • New Design Concepts and Tools for High Level Protection Systems
  • Comprehensive Perimeter Protection on Land, Water and in the Air
  • The Army Command and Control Information System (Army CCIS)
  • Digitalisation – Future-Oriented C2 Capability of Land Forces
  • Heron 1 – A Success Story in the West African Country of Mali
  • Project STF: Precise Effect at Long Ranges
  • IT Command and Control Equipment for the Fennek JFST
  • Leopard 2 A7V Main Battle Tank: Strengthening the Armoured Combat
  • The Puma Infantry Fighting Vehicle in the In-Service Phase: Current Status and Future Development
  • Puma IFV – German Enhancement Programme
  • The Advancement of the Tiger Attack Helicopter
  • MBDA Proposes the EMM Missile to Strengthen German-French Defence Cooperation
  • The Future Infantryman System – Current Status and Future Procurement Plans
  • The MLC 80 Assault Bridge – Armoured Bridging System: Its Status Concerning Procurement and Fielding in the Army
  • Tracks Support Tracks
  • WiSENT 2 – One Platform for Multiple Missions
  • Industrial Support Services
  • Protected and Unprotected Vehicles of the Bundeswehr
  • NH90 – Current Status and Further Development
  • The CH-53 in the Field
  • High-Energy Laser Systems for Military Use
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