Maritime Security & Defence №4 2021

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Название: Maritime Security & Defence
Год / месяц: 2021/9
Номер 4

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Страниц: 76
Формат: True PDF
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Язык: english

Authoritative global journal for the marine-naval community, written and published by uniquely qualified professionals from this sector

Maritime Defence Monitor (MDM) was successfully launched in 2020 and is available in print digital formats. MDM is dedicated to providing accurate, unbiased information to serve the professional naval defence and maritime security community worldwide, so decision-makers and responsible actors can make informed decisions for the best possible outcomes.

7 The Royal Navy Post Brexit:
Priorities & Challenges
Richard Beedall
12 US Navy Force Structure Divergent “Roads” Ahead
Scott C. Truver
17 A Thinking Navy, a Fighting Navy, an Australian Navy
Interview with Rear Admiral Mark Hammond,
Commander Australian Fleet (COMAUSFLT)
21 “An opportunity window is open to internationalise our defence industry.”
Interview with Admiral General Antonio Martorell Lacave,
Chief of Staff, Spanish Navy (Almirante Jefe de Estado
Mayor de la Armada - AJEMA).
25 Vice Admiral Kay-Achim Schönbach:
We need to focus more on blue water operations
29 The Type 26 Global Combat Ship: Global by Design
Conrad Waters
35 Medium Calibre Naval Gun Systems and
Smart Ammunition
Luca Peruzzi
40 Stopping the Anti-Ship Missile
Doug Richardson
45 Water & Waste Handling on Navy Vessels: A Matter of Honour?
Konstantin Tchetchine
50 A New Frigate for the Hellenic Navy
Stephen Barnard
54 Exporting Maritime Britain
Interview with Mark Goldsack, Director of the Department for International Trade UK Defence and
Security Exports.
58 Curing India's Submarine Deficiency
Suman Sharma
61 IMDS 2021
Showcasing the Main Trends in Russian Shipbuilding & Naval Systems
Dr. Nikolai Novichkov
64 Troubled Waters and Freedom of Navigation
Nick Childs
68 MUM-T at Sea
The US Navy Experiments with Manned-UnManned Teaming
Sidney E. Dean


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