European Security & Defence №7 2019

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Название: European Security & Defence
Год / месяц: 2019/7-8

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Страниц: 72
Формат: True PDF
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Язык: english

Published in English for global decision makers in politics and armed forces. European Security & Defence (ESD) addresses focal aspects of European security and defence policy, force development and armament for an international audience in more than 100 countries. Contributors include high-level authors from politics, armed forces, public administration and science

Defence Procurement in Germany
2 Federal Office of Bundeswehr Equipment, Information Technology and In-Service Support
4 Operational Management Staff
6 Legal Affairs Staff (J)
7 PMO – Program Organization
10 Combat Directorate (K)
16 Air Directorate (L)
21 Sea Directorate (S)
30 Land Support Directorate (U)
34 Information Technology Directorate (I)
38 Information Technology Support Directorate (G)
41 Complex Services/Purchasing Directorate (E)
47 Directorate T – Common Technical, Logistic and Economic Activities
50 Technical Quality Management Center (Directorate ZtQ)
53 Central Affairs Directorate (ZA)
55 The BAAINBw Agencies
14 Masthead

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