European Security & Defence №3 2018

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Название: European Security & Defence
Год / месяц: 2018/4


Страниц: 124
Формат: True PDF
Размер: 20 mb
Язык: english

Published in English for global decision makers in politics and armed forces. European Security & Defence (ESD) addresses focal aspects of European security and defence policy, force development and armament for an international audience in more than 100 countries. Contributors include high-level authors from politics, armed forces, public administration and science

12 New Trends or Post-Soviet Heritage? Slovak Security Policy in 2018
Tomáš Čižik
16 Can CEFTA Be the Lifeboat for Georgia and Ukraine's EU Membership?
Beka Kiria and Gunther Fehlinger
20 In Limbo: Russia's Policy in the Nagorniy Karabakh Conflict
Gayane Novikova
23 Security Developments in the Wider Black Sea Region
Priorities of the Romanian Armed Forces
Nicolae-Ionel Ciucă
27 Bulgarian Armed Forces in the Context of Security Challenges in the Black Sea Region
Andrey Botsev
30 Defence Reform in Ukraine
Alex Horobets
33 Black Sea Region: Turkish Interests and Strategies
Korhan Özkilinc
37 Status Report: The Ukrainian Navy
Eugene Kogan
40 The Romanian Air Force
Georg Mader
44 Bulgarian Procurement and Arms Exports
Eugene Kogan
48 New Danish Defence Agreement
Jørgen Bo Leimand
54 “We experience a new wave of tension under the sea.”
Interview with Admiral James G. Foggo III, Commander of the US Naval Forces Europe-Africa
55 NATO Keeps up its ASW Guard
Guy Toremans
57 “Our biggest concern is certainly the capability of our forces.”
Interview with General Tod D. Wolters, Commander US Air Forces in Europe – Air Forces Africa (USAFE-AFAFRICA)

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