The Royal Canadian Air Force Journal №1 2016

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The Royal Canadian Air Force Journal

The Royal Canadian Air Force Journal №1 2016

Год / месяц: 2016/1-3
Номер: vol 5 no 1
Страниц: 68
Язык: English
Формат: PDF 5 MB

The Royal Canadian Air Force Journal - Журнал ВВС Канады.

In this Issue:

Editor's Message
Major Bill March, CD, MA
Letters to the Editor
Lieutenant-Colonel Jeannot Boucher, MSM, CD
Captain Jean Le Bouthillier, MSc
Professional Airpower Mastery and the Royal Canadian Air Force: Rethinking Airpower Education and Professional Development
Dr. Brad Gladman, Dr. Richard Goette, Dr. Richard Mayne, Colonel Shayne Elder, Colonel Kelvin Truss, Lieutenant-Colonel Pux Barnes, Major Bill March
A Tactical Silver Lining in a Horrifying Storm: Canadian Airlift in Rwanda 1994
Major James Pierotti, CD
Changing with the Times: The Evolution of Canada's CP-140 Aurora
Colonel Iain Huddleston, CD
Technological Intelligence and the Radar War in World War II
Azriel Lorber

Book Reviews:

Crisis in the Mediterranean: Naval Competition and Great Power Politics, 1904–1914
By Jon K. Hendrickson
Review by Major Chris Buckham, CD, MA

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