Soldier Magazine №8 2018

Год / месяц: 2018/8

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Номер: 8

Страниц: 84

Язык: English

Формат: PDF - 37 MB

Soldier Magazine - Журнал армии Великобритании

28 Last hurrah
A fond farewell to the RWMIK
32 Sound of thunder
Gunners raise the decibel levels
36 The making of a soldier
Pirbright pushes new recruits
42 Industrial revolution
Robotics experts aid the Army cause
7 The Informer
Top stories from across the Service
22 Need to Know
Essential tips for today’s personnel
47 Talkback
Ruminations from the ranks
53 Bullet Points
Troops’ intelligence assets
61 Reviews
Movies, music, books and games to fill your downtime
82 Final Word
Recollections from recruit training
70 Athletics
Track stars seal double crown
72 Wakeboarding
Social media helps sport’s boom
75 Cricket
Reds dominate Forces showdown
76 Mountain biking
Riders tested in championship race
78 Sailing
Crews prepare for Cowes quest
79 Rugby league
Students prove too strong
80 Cricket
REME triumph in thrilling finale


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