Soldier Magazine №6 2018

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Год / месяц: 2018/6


Номер: 6

Страниц: 84

Язык: English

Формат: PDF - 39 MB

Soldier Magazine - Журнал армии Великобритании

28 Air, land, sea, cyber
The gen on Joint Warrior 2018
33 Top of the class
Ukrainian training task for Fusiliers
38 Clued-up
Meet the Army’s youth outreach team
42 Hostile intent
Qatari cadets get bayonet masterclass
44 Keyboard clashes
Royal Signals call for cyber buffs
7 The Informer
Top stories from across the Service
22 Need to Know
Essential tips for today’s personnel
47 Talkback
Ruminations from the ranks
52 Bullet Points
Troops’ intelligence assets
61 Reviews
Movies, music, books and games to fill your downtime
82 Final Word
What makes the ideal exercise?
70 Football
Referees go from strength to strength
72 Rugby union
Sanger signs off in style
74 Cricket
New-look Reds get set for Lord’s
76 Football
1 Yorks retain FA Cup crown
78 Rugby union
Army stars deliver for the AGC
79 Boxing
2 Para prove too strong in unit final
80 Rugby union
Officials step up to Services stage

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