Soldier Magazine №6 2017

Soldier Magazine

Год / месяц: 2017/06
Номер: 6
Страниц: 84
Язык: English
Формат: PDF - 17 MB

Soldier Magazine - Журнал армии Великобритании

20 Wood work
Tank crews take on American adversary
26 On top of the world
Signallers make history with Andes ascent
30 Photographic memories
Operation Corporate 35 years on
36 Fighting talk
Soldiers quiz senior comrade on Falklands
40 It’s getting hot in here
Farriers feel the heat of ceremonial season
44 Best in show
What it takes to be the smartest cavalryman
7 The Informer
Top stories from across the Service
47 Talkback
Ruminations from the ranks
51 Bullet Points
Troops’ intelligence assets
61 Reviews
Books, movies, music and games to fill your downtime
82 Final Word
The inside track on Saber Junction
70 Athletics
Officer dazzles in desert race
73 Football
Yorks complete cup double
75 Boxing
Fighters deliver in national finals
78 Rugby union
Reds return to winning ways
80 Basketball
Mixed fortunes at Services showdown
81 Master games
Medals mount at sporting showcase


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