Soldier Magazine №5 2020

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Год / месяц: 2020/05

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Номер: 5

Страниц: 76

Язык: English

Формат: True PDF - 16 MB

Soldier Magazine - Журнал армии Великобритании

17 The moment of victory
Historian reflects on Nazi surrender
21 ‘Complete desolation’
Veteran lifts lid on survival struggle
34 Getting connected
Insight offered on comms tool
36 Standing together
Army trades unite in ExCel mission
44 Up close and personable
The military’s role in times of crisis
7 The Informer
A special message from CGS
26 Need to Know
Essential tips for today’s personnel
49 Talkback
Ruminations from the ranks
53 Bullet Points
Troops’ intelligence assets
59 Reviews
Movies, music, books and games to fill your downtime
74 Final Word
Sappers share Nightingale tales
68 Olympics
Athletes embark on home training
71 Rugby union
Coach reflects on season of progress
72 Rugby union
Duo deliver on Premiership stage

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