Soldier Magazine №10 2016

Soldier Magazine

Год / месяц: 2016/10
Номер: 10
Страниц: 92
Язык: English
Формат: PDF - 58 MB

Soldier Magazine - Журнал армии Великобритании

22 Skin deep
Ethnic minority personnel speak out
26 League of their own
Reservists leave their mark in Estonia
30 At the sharp end
British troops step up to Nato tasking
34 Forest fires
Infantry learn the art of woodland warfare
38 Ready to strike
Vehicle programme starts rolling
42 Armour evolution
Virtus designers take feedback on-board
44 A new dawn
Paras tread fresh ground in Falklands
49 Tough call
How the Iraq Historic Allegations Team works
50 Leading by example
Queen’s Divison tests future junior commanders
7 The Informer
Top stories from across the Service
55 Talkback
Ruminations from the ranks
60 Bullet Points
Troops’ intelligence assets
69 Reviews
Films, games, books and music to fill your downtime
90 Final Word
Troops reveal delights of Brecon
78 Rugby union
Roko braced for new season battles
85 Cycling
Road race success for mighty Reds
86 Sports lottery
Major milestone for funding stream
88 Rugby league Soldiers struggle in Salford
89 Wakeboarding
Novice search steps up a gear

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