Militaire Spectator №2 2020

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Год / месяц: 2020/2

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Militaire Spectator - Журнал ВС Нидерландов

56. NATO Should Promptly Implement Stability
Policing: Why and How Michael Dziedzic

Although the stability policing concept was delivered to NATO in April 2018, it remains in limbo; against the backdrop of persistent NATO missions in Bosnia, Kosovo, Afghanistan, and Iraq issues delaying approval should be immediately discussed.
72 From hosted dinner to integrated police units
A.L. Heijboer

Future operations for gendarmerie organisations, like the Royal Netherlands Marechaussee, are becoming more joint, inter-agency, and multinational in nature and well-designed cooperation programmes in peacetime can enhance interoperability.
84 Oorlogvoering in het Midden-Oosten anno 2020
E.N. van der Steenhoven

Terroristische groepen in het Midden-Oosten hebben hun modus operandi significant gewijzigd en sommige van hun nieuwe methodieken zijn potentieel gevaarlijk voor militairen op uitzending.

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