India Strategic №6 2018

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Год / месяц: 2018/6

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Номер: 6

Страниц: 84

Язык: English

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India Strategic  - Журнал о состоянии и перспективах развития ВС И ВПК Индии

Talking Points
Vice Admiral Girish luthro visits Seychelles and Mauritius
CMTSA Not to Deter Big-lkkel defence Deals with Russia
Indian Novy Submarines: A Stous Report
Surveillance and Detection Challenge for Stealthy Air threat Vehicles
Teto Boeing Aerospace Delivers First Apoche Combat Helicopter Fuselage .
Miaosoh to Develop Underwater data Centre with Naval Group.
Pentagon and Lockheed Marlin Deliver 300th F-35 Aircraft
ABC Aviation
Production Mi- 171A2 Takes to Skies
Boeing EA-18G Growler Makes its First Appeoronce in Finland
Lockheed Mortin -Built F-35 Comes Home lo RAF Marhom.
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