European Defence Matters №9 (2015)

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Год / месяц: 2015/12

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Номер: 9

Страниц: 48

Язык: Английский

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EDM is the only dedicated European defence journal designed specifically to address the issues of effective future defence procurement in Europe. It has a growing circulation of more than 10,000 copies, focused on senior decision makers within government and industry.

4 Publishing Director Eric Platteau and
Editor-In-Chief Anna Gałyga introduce this edition
of European Defence Matters
European Defence News
5 Energy security as a defence capability; Franco-British partnership on missiles extended; Italian
Reapers will be armed; Czechs opting for modernisation and new weapons; Saab’s intent to modernise the Polish Navy
7 EU capabilities in focus
The Netherlands will hold the Presidency of the European Union for the first six months of 2016
Cover Story:
Cyber defence In focus
8 Introduction
10 “A citizen cannot escape a single one of their socalled ‘cyber footprints’”
Bricks to build a cyber shield – by Michael Sieber, Head of Information Superiority Unit, EDA
12 Programmes and projects on cyber defence
An overview of EDA-led undertakings contributing to competence development
15 “The core of proper protection is end-point protection and a holistic approach”
The Chief Executive of F-Secure analyses the cyber threats that Small and Medium Sized Enterprises (SMEs) are currently exposed to
16 NATO on cyber competences
As a training centre and a research hub, the NATO
Centre of Excellence adds value to cyber defence
18 “We need a massive and strategic investment plan in Europe”
A call for a European industrial strategy for cyber security – Luigi Rebuffi, the EOS Chief Executive
In the spotlight
20 “We have to adjust our thinking”
Hybrid warfare – the future of warfare? Axel
Butenschön presents the nature of hybrid threats
22 “Defence represents a real driver of technological innovation”
Ing. Mauro Moretti shares his assessment of the
European security and defence market

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