European Defence Matters №7 (2015)

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Год / месяц: 2015/6

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Номер: 7

Страниц: 40

Язык: Английский

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EDM is the only dedicated European defence journal designed specifically to address the issues of effective future defence procurement in Europe. It has a growing circulation of more than 10,000 copies, focused on senior decision makers within government and industry.

5 Publishing Director Eric Platteau and Editor-In-Chief Guillaume Steuer introduce this edition of European Defence Matters
European Defence News
6 News
New EDA Chief Executive Jorge Domecq takes office
7 EU Affairs
Successful RPAS deployment in support of
Operation Atalanta, EUFOR RCA brings ‘Unity Bridge’
to Bangui, Joint anti-piracy exercise carried out in the Seychelles
8 Industry News
Thales and Rheinmetall to upgrade Tiger helicopter flight simulators, Complex live-firing test for European surface-to-air missile, France signs first Rafale export contract with Egypt, Saab teams up with Damen to address submarine market
Cover Story:
Research and Technology
10 Preparing the future: European research at a crossroads
Experts from the European Commission and the European Defence Agency sit down with European Defence Matters to provide their viewpoint on the way ahead
13 “EU-funded research must lead to concrete procurement projects”
Eric Trappier, Chairman of the Defence Business
Unit of the Aerospace and Defence Industries
Association of Europe
14 Challenging times for the defence industry
Fabio Liberti, EDA Project Officer in charge of defence and industry analysis
16 Trends in European defence spending
In times of constant pressure on defence budgets in the European Union, the European Defence Agency has taken a close look at spending trends among Member States to produce its annual Defence Data booklet

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