European Defence Matters №3 (2013)

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Год / месяц: 2013/6

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Номер: 3

Страниц: 48

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EDM is the only dedicated European defence journal designed specifically to address the issues of effective future defence procurement in Europe. It has a growing circulation of more than 10,000 copies, focused on senior decision makers within government and industry.

5 Director Eric Platteau and Editor-In-Chief
Philip Butterworth-Hayes introduce this edition of
European Defence Matters
European Defence News
6 EDA and European Commission plan new joint
CBRN research work, EDA study highlights priorities for Europe’s land systems industry, EU launches training mission in Mali, News in brief
Cover Story
8 The two choices now facing European defence
12 Preserving European defence capabilities at a time of economic crisis
14 “We need to change ourselves”
Special address to the EDA Annual Conference by Herman Van Rompuy, President of the European
18 At the epicentre of European defence...
View from the Top
22 “Towards a more independent EDA”
Interview with Dr. h.c. Susanne Kastner, member of the German Bundestag
Operations and Projects
24 EUCAP NESTOR: Tackling the roots of piracy in
Interview with Head of the programme, retired
Admiral Jacques Launay
26 New Code of Conduct will help fill capability gaps
Research and Technology
28 Unmanned maritime systems research breaks new ground
30 Understanding the cultural issues involved in cooperation
Profile: David Chinn is an Assistant Director of
Research and Technology (R&T)
Programmes and Industry
32 Urgent action underway to provide air tanking capability
36 Demand consolidation is the first priority
Interview with Gert Runde, Secretary General of the AeroSpace and Defence Industries
Association of Europe (ASD)
Independent Viewpoint
39 Pooling & sharing:What projects offer the best chances of success?
Professor Trevor Taylor is Professorial Research
Fellow in Defence Management at the Royal
United Services Institute inWhitehall, London
42 The drivers behind EU crisis management operations
Dr Benjamin Pohl, winner of the first EDA-Egmont
PhD Prize in European Defence, Security and
45 European defence cooperation: concrete steps for the next year
Pieter De Crem, Belgium’s Minister of Defence
Key Quotes
46 Key quotes and facts, index to advertisers

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