European Defence Matters №1 (2012)

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Год / месяц: 2012/5-6

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Номер: 1

Страниц: 56

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EDM is the only dedicated European defence journal designed specifically to address the issues of effective future defence procurement in Europe. It has a growing circulation of more than 10,000 copies, focused on senior decision makers within government and industry.

5 Director Eric Platteau and Editor-In-Chief
Philip Butterworth-Hayes introduce European
Defence Matters
European Defence News
6 EDA steering board advances pooling and sharing programmes; 2012 EDA training exercises to add operational skills; Belgium, Netherlands and Luxembourg intensify defence cooperative efforts;
News in brief
European Cooperation
Adding Value
9 EDA’s keymission is delivering capabilites
Claude-France Arnould, Chief Executive, EDA
12 Pooling and sharing is an art, not a science
Policy and EU Affairs
16 First steps into space
18 ESA must increasingly demonstrate its capacity to handle security and defence programmes Jean-Jacques Dordain, Director General, ESA
20 Annual conference marks a sea-change in cooperation
22 There is a price to pay for ensuring security
Michel Barnier, The European Commissioner for Internal Market and Services
24 OCCAR: The only real option is further collaboration
Patrick Bellouard, Director OCCAR
26 EDA represents military interests in Single European
Sky programme
28 SESAR: Opportunities as well as risks
Patrick Ky, the Executive Director, SESAR Joint
Research and Technology
29 Joint efforts for flying UAS in Europe
30 Developing technologywhere it is urgently needed
32 Unmanned systems as a first line of maritime defence
Programmes and Industry
33 EDA brings Afghanistan lessons to helicopter crews
34 Putting counter-IED facilities into theatre at pace
36 Time for something new, something brave
General Håkan Syrén, Chairman, EUMC
39 Taking on the challenge of the European defence equipment market
Ms Tarja Jaakkola, Assistant Director, Industry and
Market, EDA
40 EDA defence data highlights capability challenges
43 Bridging the future land-systems capability gap
44 Effective procurement can slash equipment costs
46 A real opportunity for Europe to independently develop resources
Domingo Ureña-Raso, Chief Executive Officer,
Airbus Military
48 Smart pooling for shared defence
Professor Dr. Sven Biscop, Director of the Europe in theWorld Programme at Egmont – Royal Institute for International Relations
50 The impact on European defence of the new
US/Obama military strategy
Jolyon Howorth, Jean Monnet Professor of
European Politics ad personam and Emeritus
Professor of European Studies,
University of Bath, UK
52 We need a new model of procurement, based on a long term partnership between governments and industry
Antoine Bouvier, Chief Executive Officer, MBDA
54 It is time to act
Louis Gallois, Chief Executive, EADS

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