European Defence Matters №13 (2017)

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Год / месяц: 2017/12

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Номер: 13

Страниц: 44

Язык: Английский

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EDM is the only dedicated European defence journal designed specifically to address the issues of effective future defence procurement in Europe. It has a growing circulation of more than 10,000 copies, focused on senior decision makers within government and industry.

4 Publishing Director Eric Platteau and Editor-In-Chief Helmut Brüls introduce this edition of European Defence Matters
European Defence News
5 Industry wants research to be “top priority” of Defence Action Plan
Multinational Multi-Role Tanker Transport Fleet (MMF) takes shape
Cover Story:
EU Global Strategy (EUGS):
What's next for defence?
6 Introduction
8 Serving European Security – Towards defence cooperation becoming ‘the norm’
An analysis of the defence-related aspects of the EUGS
11 An ambitious defence follow-up for an ambitious EUGS
Prof Dr Biscop on the defence implementation of the EUGS
14 European Strategy in times of geopolitical interdependence
Luis Simón explains how security-related concerns have returned to the center stage of political debate
Industry Talk
16 “European consolidation is an efficient way to achieve competitiveness and interoperability”
European Defence Matters speaks to Stéphane Mayer, CEO of Nexter and co-CEO of the newly created KNDS
20 EU naval industry in good shape but more R&T  investment needed, study says EU manufacturers of military vessels and submarines are doing well, especially on international markets where exports are booming

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