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Год / месяц: 2015/5
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08 Minister in first post-election visit
Philip Dunne, now Minister for Defence Procurement, visits Abbey Wood to speak to staff
11 Future Proofing the Military
DE&S Technical Director will be hosting a symposium later this year addressing new and emerging challenges facing planning and delivery of military capability
13 HMS Scott at sea again
Deep water survey ship HMS Scott is now training and proving she is fully able to deploy again
14 New shock protection tests a success
Underwater tests have proved a novel way of protecting containers holding a warship’s vital mission systems and other equipment
16 New time recording introduced across ABW
A new time recording system is being introduced across Abbey Wood to improve management information
18 Forward Island arrives in Rosyth
The iconic island for the second of the Royal Navy’s new aircraft carriers is ready for installation
19 Enhanced Bowman saves £3 million
Around 30,000 enhanced versions of Bowman have been fielded to all three services on time and to budget
24 Air support
The air transport fleet was vital in providing the strategic air bridge and intra-theatre airlift in resupplying people and materiel
26 Combat Air
From Strategic, RAF Reaper, to the infantry’s Black Hornet, Unmanned Air Systems provided almost 240,000 hours of vital information to ground troops
28 Helicopters
Helicopters provided more than 158,000 flying hours, the equivalent of 48 hours of flying for every day of the
The Intelligence, Surveillance, Target Acquisition and Reconnaissance operating centre provided more than 200 Urgent Operational Requirements during hostilities
32 Land
Up to 2014 the Land Equipment operating centre delivered a host of Urgent Operational Requirements
amounting to £5 billion
34 Logistics Commodities and Services
Co-ordination of supplies of weapons, ammunition, personal equipment, food and medical supplies proved
one of the great successes in Afghanistan
36 Weapons
The operating centre delivered substantial quantities of safe, battle-winning weapons throughout the campaign

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