Desider №113 2017

Год / месяц: 2017/12

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Номер: 113

Страниц: 36

Язык: English

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Desider -  Magazine of Defence Equipment and Support (DE&S)
Журнал министерства обороны Великобритании, посвящённый вооружению, техники и службам поддержки

07 Success is on the radar: DE&S team secure £18 million contract to support the Royal Navy's air defence fleet
08 Christmas is coming: Desider reports how DE&S make sure troops get a morale-boosting Christmas dinner wherever they are on operations
12 Tony Douglas bids farewell: He tells Desider why it’s been a privilege to be involved in Defence and why working with the DE&S family has been special
14 Lest we forget: Staff at DE&S sites across the UK pay their respects as they remember those who have lost their lives fighting for their country
15 Getting to know you: New Secretary of State for Defence Gavin Williamson visits HMS Queen Elizabeth as he meets MOD staff across the UK
18 Inspiring youth: 6th form pupils from local schools visit MOD Abbey Wood to hear about the wonderful opportunities available to them
24 Motivating the next generation: DE&S apprentices in Devonport take part in a unique event on board a Royal Navy warship aimed at engaging hundreds of school children
28 Amazing stories: Veterans from the Falklands conflict who were on board ships sunk by Argentinian attack jets share their stories when they meet at MOD Abbey Wood
33 Driving success: The Business Intelligence HUB at DE&S is delivering significant benefits


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