Australian Army Journal №3 2018 (Army in Motion Edition)

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Australian Army Journal

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Год / месяц: 2018/12
Номер: 3 (Army in Motion Edition)
Страниц: 250
Язык: English
Формат: PDF - 2 MB

The Australian Army Journal is published by authority of the Chief of Army
The Australian Army Journal is sponsored by Head Modernisation and Strategic Planning, Australian Army Headquarters

List of Illustrations ...  xi
Foreword ..... 1
Lieutenant General Rick Burr, Chief of Army, Australian Army
Building a Resilient and Rules-Based Security Community
in the Indo-Pacific Region... .3
The Honourable Christopher Pyne, Member of Parliament, Minister for
Session One - The Indo-Pacific: The Region of
Global Connection
Session Summary  ..11
Opening Address:
The Application of Land Power in the Indo-Pacific..... 19
Lieutenant General Rick Burr, Chief of Army, Australian Army
The Indo-Pacific: The Region of Global Connection.... .25
Lieutenant General Mahesh Senanyake, Commander - Sri Lanka Army
The Indo-Pacific: Opportunities, Risks and Interdependencies...... .37
Mr Michael Shoebridge, Director of Defence and Strategy,
Australian Strategic Policy Institute
Shoring Up Regional Partnerships..... 51
Mr Tom Hamilton, Acting Deputy Secretary, Strategic Policy
and Intelligence Group, Department of Defence
Session Two - Land Power and Countering
Violent Extremism
Session Summary..... .61
Special Forces, Counterterrorism and Partnership..... 69
Major General Adam Findlay, Commander of Special Operations,
Australian Army
Us as the Enemy: Jihadism and the Strategic Narrative
of Anti-Westernism ........ .77
Ms Katja Theodorakis, Programme Manager for Foreign/Security
Policy and Counterterrorism, Australian National University
Session Three - Generating Land Power
through Partnering
Session Summary...........89

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