Army News №245

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Army News

Год / месяц: 2017/5-6
Номер: 245
Страниц: 27
Язык: English
Формат: PDF 12 MB


Army News - Центральный печатный орган Армии Сингапура .


What’s Up
104/16 Officer Cadet Course Commissioning Parade
March on Specialists of 30/16!
01/17 Basic Military Training Graduation Parade
27th Basic Military Training (Vocational) Graduation Parade
50/17 Basic Military Training (Service) Graduation Ceremony
1 SIR’s 60th Anniversary
Transport Formation Milestone Parade
Pershub Blood Donation Drive and Adoption of Bloodbank@Westgate
Cyber Defence MoU
Army Dragon Boat Regatta 2017
Exercise Panzer Strike
Exercise Bold Kurukshetra
Reminiscing National Service
Recognition of our National Servicemen this NS50
Then and Now
NS Appreciation Dinner
Army Appreciation Dinner
When Duty Calls
Army Open House 2017
27 Expertise Conversion Scheme Joint Leadership Programme
28 Care for Soldiers - Our Paracounsellors
29 Aim For The Top!
30 Leopard 2SG Main Battle Tank
Health & Fitness
32 10 Minutes of Stretches for a Better Run
34 Book Out Makan - Changi Village

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