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Army News

Год / месяц: 2017/1
Номер: 243
Страниц: 27
Язык: English
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Army News - Центральный печатный орган Армии Сингапура .

Exercise Valiant Mark 2016
Exercise Agni Warrior 2016
Alive 2 CARE
Driving a Benevolent Cause
Belrex Commissioning Ceremony
Our new Armour Simulation Centre opens!
Welcoming our 29/16 batch of Specialist Graduates
Officer Cadet Course Commissioning Parade
Basic Military Training Graduation Parade
Onwards, 26th batch of Vocationalists!
Basic Military Training (Service) Graduation
Long-standing service
Looking back; My Story
Commando Challenge 2016
Infantry 60th Anniversary
CSSCOM 10th Anniversary
Professional Development of Our People
Enhancements to SAF Personal Equipment
The Armour Simulation Centre
Armour Skill at Arms 2016
Our NSmen’s Commitment
Commando Small-Unit Leaders’ Course (CSLC)
Never too Young to Make a Difference
Cadet Strong
26 Belrex Protected Combat Support Vehicle
22 From Fat to Fit
Health & Fitness
28 Eat Your Energy - Food for sport
29 Army’s Unit Fitness Equipping
30 Book Out Makan - Nee Soon Camp

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