Army News №233 2015

Army News

Год / месяц: 2015/3
Номер: 233
Страниц: 17
Язык: English
Формат: PDF - 6.93 MB

Центральный печатный орган Армии Сингапура .

Around Our Army
WPU Homecoming
18th BMT(V) Graduation Ceremony
SEA Games Media Brief
Transport Formation Milestone Parade
The Early Days: Mr Wee Soon Kong
The Collapse of Hotel New World
In This Issue
4 SAB Homecoming Run
Passing The Torch
The Lion Within
SAF Cardiac Heart Centre
Emergency Ambulance Services (EAS)
HRSSC Inauguration
SAF50@VIVO: Celebrating 50 Years of SAF
Showcasing the SAF
Revisiting Our Past: Pulau Senang
Symbols of Our Army:
SAF Ammunition Command
Road To Excellence: Our WOSpecs
A New Wave of Expertise and Innovation
Health: Understanding Lower Back Pain

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