Scale Aircraft Modelling №6 2019

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Название:  Scale Aircraft Modelling
Год / месяц: 2019/6

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Страниц: 100
Формат: True PDF
Размер: 26 mb
Язык: english

Scale Aircraft Modelling is the only title on the newsstand to address the needs and issues of the modern age, providing a focused and essential content that is aimed to complement rather than compete with internet access.
The magazine presents preview material, features and full build reviews with a cross section of modelling, historical and reference. SAM makes best use of its pages with original research, thoughtful and incisive editorial, and an all-embracing approach to the hobby that invites readers to 'look what you can do' rather than 'look what we can do'.

08. Showcase
Dumbo in the House
By Andy McCabe
26. Bounty Hunter
In Search of Paradise…
By Rick Greenwood
34. Lost Fighter and Brief Survivor
Heinkel’s Enigmas
By Huw Morgan
40. Harlequin Hisso
SE5a Night Fighter
By Dave Hooper
45. Aircraft in Proile
The R44 Raven/Clipper
Robinson’s Chopper
By Richard Mason
Scale Plans and Colour Proiles
By Jan Polc
58. Adapting the Whale
Skywarrior RA-3B Conversion
By Francesco Pernice
62. Colour Conundrum
RAF Day Fighter Schemes 1941-1943 Part Two
By Paul Lucas
With Artwork by Jan Polc
66 HMC Guide to Scale Modelling
By Gary Hatcher
70 Scaled Up
Helicopter Double Life
Sikorsky CH-54 Skycrane to Erickson S-64 Air-Crane
By Des Brennan
78 Walkaround
Martin AM-1 Mauler
By Steve Muth
82 Easy as ABD
Notes on Modelling the Hurricane in 1/72
Mk IIa - First of a Few
By Brian Derbyshire
Mk IIb - You Only Fly Twice
By Bruce Leyland-Jones
Mk IId - Silk Purse from Sow's Ear? Again?
By Brian Derbyshire
86 Beriev’s Boat
Beriev R-1 Jet Flying Boat
by Ken Duffey

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