Scale Aircraft Modelling №4 2015

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Название:  Scale Aircraft Modelling
Год / месяц: 2015/4

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Страниц: 86
Формат: PDF
Размер: 29 mb
Язык: english

Scale Aircraft Modelling is the only title on the newsstand to address the needs and issues of the modern age, providing a focused and essential content that is aimed to complement rather than compete with internet access.
The magazine presents preview material, features and full build reviews with a cross section of modelling, historical and reference. SAM makes best use of its pages with original research, thoughtful and incisive editorial, and an all-embracing approach to the hobby that invites readers to 'look what you can do' rather than 'look what we can do'.

4. Stirling Refurbishment
Recycling an old Airfix Stirling C.Mk V
By Tony O’Toole
17. Arctia Caja
Aeroclub’s 1/48 Tiger Moth in the authentic markings of New Zealand’s ZK-AIA By Francis Chapman
21. Dogs, Limas and Kilos
Development of the F-86D, L and K and a look at the available kits in 1/48
By Andy Scott
26. The Messerschmitt Bf 110s of Erprobungsgruppe 210
The story of the Luftwaffe’s first dedicated fighter-bomber unit
By Neil Robinson
34. Ernst's Nocturnal Predator
Mark 1’s 1/144 He 219
By Mike Verier
36. A Sting in the Tail
Trumpeter’s brand new Hornet
By Richard Bolingbroke
39. Aircraft in Profile de Havilland Hornet
Scale plans and profiles by Mark Rolfe
Historical and modelling notes by Richard Mason
49. Scale Colour File:
Defiant Day Fighter Schemes
By Paul Lucas
55. Scaled Up
Hellenic Phantoms
F-4E AUP Phantom upgrades and skin deep differences with the F-4E SRA
By Kyriakos ‘Kirk’ Paloulian
60. UN Observation Post in Cyprus Part 2
AAC Sioux/Bell 47 in UN Colours
By Derek Griffiths
66. Stash in the Attic
A look at the kits we’d like to build This month – DH.103
By Tim Skeet

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