Scale Aircraft Modelling №3 2017

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Название:  Scale Aircraft Modelling
Год / месяц: 2017/3

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Страниц: 96
Формат: PDF
Размер: 23 mb
Язык: english

Scale Aircraft Modelling is the only title on the newsstand to address the needs and issues of the modern age, providing a focused and essential content that is aimed to complement rather than compete with internet access.
The magazine presents preview material, features and full build reviews with a cross section of modelling, historical and reference. SAM makes best use of its pages with original research, thoughtful and incisive editorial, and an all-embracing approach to the hobby that invites readers to 'look what you can do' rather than 'look what we can do'.

4. Evocative Eurofighter
Battle of Britain Special
By Karl Robinson
16. Scaled Up
N1K2-J Model 21 Shiden Kai
By Steve Muth
19. RIAT 2016 Part Two
5th Gen and All That
By Mike Verier
22. Malta on a Pedestal
Part Three
The Air and Sea Battle
Modelling the Axis Bombers
By Stephen J Di Nucci
28. Odyssey Growler
EA-18G, VAQ 132 Operation Odyssey
Dawn 2011
By Marcel Hohl
32. Have Glass Half Full
PF-35B Lightning II Version 2.0
By Andy McCabe
37. Aircraft in Profile
Savoia-Marchetti S.M.79
By Richard Mason
With Scale Plans and Colour Profiles
Mark Rolfe
43. Shipping Forecast
What’s New on the Sea Front
By Sorge
55. Colour Conundrum
Flight Deck Colours for Royal Navy
Aircraft Carriers of the World War II
Era 1936-1945
By Paul Lucas
With Artwork byMark Rolfe
62. Harrogate Model Club
Something for the Weekend
By Gary Hatcher

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