The white book 2013

Белая книга обороны Грузии 2013

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The main objective of the Ministry of Defence and the Georgian
Armed Forces is to ensure a secure environment for the  peaceful development of the country and implement transformative reforms essential for the development of a modern Defence institution.

Table of Contents
1. Security Environment
2. Ministry of Defence of Georgia
and the Armed Forces
2.1. Ministry of Defence of Georgia
2.2. General Staff of the Georgian Armed Forces 14
2.3. Georgian Armed Forces
3. Defence Planning and Management
3.1. Legislative Framework
3.2. Conceptual Framework
3.3. Decision-Making Mechanism
3.3.1. Managing Material Resources
3.3.2. Managing Finances
4. Main Priorities
5. Transparency and Accountability
Strengthening Parliamentary Oversight
Procurement Transparency
Involvement of the Non-governmental Sector
Communication with Citizens
Media Communication
Defence Capabilities
Command and Control


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