Defense of Japan 2017

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A decade ago in January 2007, the Defense Agency transitioned to the Ministry of Defense. Over the last 10 years since the transition, the Ministry of Defense (MOD) / the Self-Defense Forces (SDF) has responded swiftly and precisely to frequent outbreaks of incidents ranging from natural disasters including the Great East Japan Earthquake, to ballistic missile launches by North Korea. Especially following its inauguration, the Abe administration established the National Security Strategy and the National Defense Program Guidelines, and resumed increases in defense budgets that had been cut for 10 years, while the MOD/SDF revised the Guidelines for Japan-U.S. Defense Cooperation and sought to further strengthen the ties of the Japan-U.S. Alliance.
Furthermore, the Legislation for Peace and Security was developed to ensure that we are able to secure the lives and peaceful livelihood of the Japanese people in any situation, and contribute even more proactively to the peace and stability of the international community.

Minister of Defense
Itsunori Onodera

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