Romanian Defence 2018

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Romanian Defence 2017


Издательство: Direcţia informare şi relaţii publice
Страниц: 60
Год: 2018
Формат: PDF
Язык: Английский
Размер: 12 MB

Управление информации и общественных связей-это структура, специализирующаяся на руководстве, организации и управлении в области информации и связей с общественностью в Министерстве Национальной Обороны в мирное время, в кризисных ситуациях и в войне.

1 Romanian Armed Forces today
2 Managing the 21st Century Challenges and Threats
5 The Centennial of the Great Union
9 National Integrated Programme ”HISTRIA”
11 Allied Forward Presence in the Black Sea Region an Important Pillar of NATO Deterrence and Defence Component
15 Joint Training Exercises conducted by Land Forces
18 Tobruq Legacy 2018
21 Naval Forces Operations in 2018
24 Testing CIS Interoperability
26 The participation of the Joint Logistic Command subordinated structures in missions abroad
28 Bucharest 9 Defence Ministers’ Meeting
31 Major Procurement Programs – Top Priority of the Romanian Ministry of National Defence
35 Everyone is a winner
36 “The Cult of Heroes” in Interwar Romania
37 Latest achievements in military nuclear medicine
40 Rebirth of Cantacuzino Institute
42 Restoration works at Băile Herculane & Caraiman Cross Heroes Monument
45 Our injured soldiers – ready for “Invictus Games Sydney 2018”
47 Multinational Interoperability
48 Celebrating 25 years of State Partnership Program (SPP) between Romanian Armed Forces and Alabama National Guard
49 Information and Public Relations Activities
50 The Romanian Armed Forces Participation in the Theaters of Operations
52 The Romanian Armed Forces Response Capability to Cybernetic Security Incindents
54 NATO HUMINT Centre of Excellence – a Change of Generations
55 Campaign on Defence and Security

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