Romanian Defence 2016

Romanian Defence 2016

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Издательство: Direcţia informare şi relaţii publice
Страниц: 44
Год: 2013
Формат: PDF
Язык: Английский
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Управление информации и общественных связей-это структура, специализирующаяся на руководстве, организации и управлении в области информации и связей с общественностью в Министерстве Национальной Обороны в мирное время, в кризисных ситуациях и в войне.

1 Strategic priorities for 2016
2 Modern Military leadership – an essential requirement for the accomplishment of the General Staff’s objectives
3 From Wales to Warsaw – a Romanian Outlook –
5 NATO Ballistic Missile Defense Capability in Romania
7 Romanian Armed Forces’ Modernization After the Wales Summit
9 Romania’s Participation in NATO, EU and UN-Led Missions
12 NATO and Bilateral Exercises in Romania in 2016
15 STEADFAST COBALT 2016 – the most complex NATO C4ISR exercise
16 Simulation training – viable alternative in support of traditional live training
18 F 22 Raptor, at Mihail Kogălniceanu Base – a new stage of the US – Romanian strategic partnership
20 VeteRUN – the first edition of the War Veterans’ Race
22 The first Red-Yellow-Blue-roundel F16 lands on Romanian territory
24 The Romanian Naval Forces – an overall presentation
26 The Joint Logistic Command’s Goal – modernization of the transportation fleet
28 Armaments Acquisition Programmes – meeting the Operational Requirements
29 Modernization of T22 R Frigates
30 15 years of intense activity in harmonizing national legislation with the NATO countries’ one
34 Respect for our heroes who died on duty in the Theaters of Operations
36 The Romanian Military Cemetery from Rossoshka
38 Gala concerts and performances held in the honour of the war veterans and of the veterans of the theaters of operations
40 The hybrid warfare – A challenge to defense intelligence

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