Romanian Defence 2013

Romanian Defence 2013

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Издательство: Direcţia informare şi relaţii publice
Страниц: 44
Год: 2013
Формат: PDF
Язык: Английский
Размер: 61 MB

Управление информации и общественных связей-это структура, специализирующаяся на руководстве, организации и управлении в области информации и связей с общественностью в Министерстве Национальной Обороны в мирное время, в кризисных ситуациях и в войне.

Transformation of the Romanian Armed Forces – a Direct Answer to Emerging Challenges 1
ü Romania's Participation in Regional Cooperation Initiatives 3
ü Romania in NATO Smart Defence and EU Pooling and Sharing Initiatives 7
ü US-Romania Strategic Partnership 8
ü ROU Military Contribution to NATO-led Operations 10
ü Afghanistan: 1600 Troops Deployed in the Hotest Area of Operations 12
ü The Romanian Armed Forces in EU Operations 14
ü The First Participation of a Romanian Military Ship in a Counter-Piracy Operation 15
ü The Romanian Special Operations Forces – A new identity for an old caste 17
ü Personnel's Quality of life – a priority of the Ministry of National Defence 19
ü Who's who in Romanian Defence 20
ü Special Rights for the 33,000 Romanian War Veterans 22
ü Romanian Military Charity Association – „Comrades“ – 5 Years of Existence and over 300 Severe Cases Solved 23
ü From Cincu Range to the Land Forces Combat Training Center 24
ü NATO Humint Centre of Excellence from Oradea 28
ü The Centenary of the Romanian Military Aeronautics 30
ü The Romanian Naval Forces on Mission at Seas and Oceans Worldwide 32
ü The National Defence Industry – a Main Player in the Romanian Armed Force's Procurement Process 34
ü The Higher Military Educational Institutions – Connected to the International Scientific Circuit 36
ü Ministry of National Defence Social Media 40


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