RAF Air Power 2013

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09 Future UK air power The Right Honourable Philip Hammond MP, Secretary of State for Defence
13 The RAF: agile, adaptable, capable Air Chief Marshal Sir Andrew Pulford KCB CBE ADC RAF, Chief of the Air Staff


16 Emerging threats The Royal Air Force is playing a pivotal role in responding to a range of threats that are emerging globally
20 Preventing con ict Air power has the capacity to help prevent con ict, set good governance and develop or rebuild national capabilities
24 Providing options for crisis solution Solving international crises is imperative for good governance, regional stability and global business
29 Access to the air Airspace is becoming increasingly vital for advancing global culture and commerce, so ensuring access is key
34 Leaving Afghanistan The Royal Air Force is playing a central role in the UK’s planning and execution processes for leaving Afghanistan

39 RAF capabilities A review of the full extent of Royal Air Force capabilities, both in the air and on the ground
47 Air and space power strategy in the 21st century In analysing how air power could further aid national security it is crucial to know how the air force supports defence e orts
52 Air power Command and Control The Joint Force Air Component Headquarters can run air campaigns anywhere in the world at short notice

57 The UK’s industrial capacity to go to war To what extent can the UK’s defence industry supply and support the equipment required for the RAF to go to war?
62 Exporting technology The UK remains able to export defence aviation technology to trusted partners in an era of limited military expenditure
67 Project Marshall The UK’s military air tra c management system is scheduled to undergo a major upgrade programme

69 RAF Waddington – the UK’s ISTAR hub RAF intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance capabilities inform military commanders and politicians
76 RAF weapons An outline of the technology, philosophy and capability of the Royal Air Force’s current and future weapon systems
81 Pursuing information superiority The collection and distribution of accurate information can have a decisive impact on the battle eld and will continue to be a signi cant di erentiator in the future
86 Space dependencies An analysis of how the UK’s access to space-based military support services can ensured
91 Integrating remotely piloted air systems Remotely piloted air systems are heavily reliant on people, and the pilot training is as rigorous as for manned aircraft


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