Polish Defence Yearbook 2012

Polish Defence Yearbook 2012

Polish Defence Yearbook 2012


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Размер - 33 Мб

Язык английский

Ежегодник о ВПК Польши

Table of contents
Polish Defence Yearbook 2012 6
Poland - People, Country and Politics 7
Polish Defense Industry: Quo Vadis? 12
Magnum-X: Polish Leader in Military and Defence Press Market 16
Polish Defense Industry in Search of Identity 18
Armed Forces Technological Modernization — Experiences and Expectations 28
European Defense Octopus 40
Not only Armed Forces 46
Evolution of the offset under influence of the Directive 2009/81/EC and the Strategy for European Defence Technological and Industrial Base 52
Leading Aerospace Companies Investing in Poland 56
BUMAR Group 59
BUMARsp. z o.o 60
Interview with Krzysztof Krystowski, CEO of the Bumar Group 62
Bumar I Ammunition 65
Bumar I Soldier 67
Bumar I Electronics 69
Bumar I Land 71
Auto-Hit for the Army (Auto-Hit Sp. z o.o.) 75
CTM - Innovation for Security (R&D Marine Technoloy Centre) 76
ETRONIKA - eyes on target (ETRONIKA Sp. z o.o.) 77
Jakusz 78
"Flying" Institute (Air Force Institute of Technology) 79
MSPO World Class Exhibition 81
Military Institute of Armament Technology
(Wojskowy InstytutTechniczny Uzbrojenia) 83
WZM Siemianowice 85
Pimco Sp. z o.o 86
Chamber of Arms (Polish Chamber of National Defence Manufacturers) 87
Piap 88
Polish Leader in Radio Communication (RADMOR SA) 89
World Class Electronics and Communications Supplier for Present & Future Combat Systems (WB Electronics) 91
Versatile Networkcentric Data Communication Platform JASMINE (TELDAT) 94
Electronics Equipment from Zielonka (Wojskowe Zakaiady Elektroniczne SA) 97
Missile Technology Upgrade Centre (Wojskowe Zakfady Uzbrojenia S.A.) 98
LIST OF COMPANIES (in alphabetical order) 99



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