Trident Alternatives review 2013

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Trident Alternatives review

Обзор вариантов модернизации СЯС

Опубликован 16.07.2013

Файл PDF - 64 стр

Executive Summary 3
Part One 12
Chapter One: Credibility and Constraints 13
Chapter Two: System Options 16
Chapter Three: Postures 22
Chapter Four: International and Legal issues 32
Part Two 34
Chapter Five: Technical, Industrial and Operational/Programmatic Analysis 35
Chapter Six: Costs 40
Annexes 46
Annex A: Overview of Postures for Air Options 46
Annex B: Overview of Postures for Above Water Vessel 49
Annex C: Overview of Postures for Submarines with Cruise Missiles 51
Annex D: Overview of Postures for Submarines with Ballistic Missiles 53
Annex E: Overview of Posters for Land-Based Silo 55
Annex F: Postures, Strategic Threat and Risk Mitigation 57

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