AP 3000 British air and space power doctrine 4-издание

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British air and space power doctrine

AP 3000
68 стр



The purpose of AP3000 is defined in British Defence Doctrine, which refers to the discrete doctrine publications of the maritime, land and air environments ‘that guide the single Services and provide the necessary familiarity and broad basis of understanding for joint and component commanders, formations and units to operate effectively across environmental boundaries’.



The fourth edition of AP3000 therefore has two aims: to provide authoritative direction on the employment of air and space power to airmen; and to explain as clearly as possible its utility to sailors, soldiers and all of the other actors who, as part of the Comprehensive Approach to ordering crises, influence, or are influenced by, the use of air and space power. Just as British Defence Doctrine ‘provides the broad philosophy and principles underpinning the employment of the British armed forces’,2 so AP3000 serves the same purpose for the Air Component by describing what air and space power does; the detail of how it is delivered is provided elsewhere, notably in AP3001: Air Power Essentials and AP3002: Air Operations.


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